5/28/2010 - Article in the evening paper
"The German-Afghan from Hamburg intends to fight his first professional boxing match in Kabul. The road there was not always easy for the 26 year old."
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3/28/ 2010 - KO in the 1st round!
Hamid: Jozsef Siklodi was no match for me, KO in the 1st round! A big thanks to my fans for having waited this long for such a short fight.

3/27/2010 - Fight!
Boxing again today! Hamid is in great shape and is looking forward to today's fight against Jozsef Siklodi in the Alsterdorf Sporthalle in Hamburg. Be there in person! During this great boxing event, Steffen Kretschmann will also fight Danis Bakhtov. The entire event will be presented by Sat.1 ran BOXING. Professional boxing at its best. Report on ran...

3/21/2010 - Training
Hamid: Training for the fight in Hamburg on 3/27 is going well. I will prove once again that I can be world champion. I hope that you'll watch the fight live. It'll be a huge show, presented by Sat.1! It'll be worthwhile, I promise!

2/28/2010 - KO in the 2nd round
What a fight yesterday! It was short but Hamid once again proved himself. In the 2nd round, he defeated his opponent by KO. Congratulations!

2/27/2010 - Fight in Kiel
Today is the day of the Schwarzenbeck fight. Hamid is well prepared and resting up. Good luck to you today, Hamid!

2/24/2010 - Confidence
The hand injury is almost completely healed and it's full speed ahead with the training! We're sure that Hamid will strike again and bring home another victory! Don't miss out! Get your tickets now and see for yourselves.